Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage WGA Validation:updated v1.7.17.0

This post is removed from this blog due to some legality acts.


i just want to share the loopholes of windows. go here

PS:For education use only.

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135 Responses to “Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage WGA Validation:updated v1.7.17.0”

  1. saumya Says:

    hey dis is a great job yaar..
    i got install both window’s media player11
    & IE-7
    now i’m update,,
    a lot

  2. neo Says:

    nice work..!!
    rocking post

  3. hacker Says:

    it works grt with me
    u got the credit..

  4. amit Says:

    yes by installing the registry file
    i got update my window
    nice hack

    like tis post..

  5. saniya Says:

    it works well 4 me

  6. ashish Says:

    nice job
    lage raho..!!

  7. fartardo Says:

    good work
    work wd me

  8. romi Says:


  9. bhanushankar Says:

    Excellent job yaar….

    thanx a lot.

  10. evergreen Says:

    where paste this folder ?

  11. honeytech Says:

    just extract & install the registry file
    after this u can begain the set-up of wmp-11 n ie-7

  12. Anonyminity Rules Says:

    Posting under possibly the most bs psuedonym possible.

    Anyway, just to let those who choose to go the route of legitlib.dll know, Microsoft renamed the file to LegitLibM.dll. So when you download the rar, rename the extracted dll to “LegitLibM.dll” (no quotations), then proceed to download the WMP-11 setup file, extract it, and overwrite the contained version with the one you just downloaded.

    Windows Media Player will tell you it needs to validate. Go ahead and accept. It will skip the step entirely and send you to an EULA. You know what to do from here.

  13. honeytech Says:

    mr:- anonymous
    Owings Mills
    United States

    i will update as u say ….!!
    great job,,,!!

  14. Alex Says:

    i never reply but i’m so happy….lol
    The reg.exe did it for me….Tnxx

  15. Sevoir Says:

    Thx a lot ;)

  16. abc Says:

    can the dll file be used for the final version of IE7 and WMP 11?

  17. DJ Ashish Says:


  18. Dave P Says:

    Great job.
    Worked the registry file worked great. Going to be installing on a second computer tying to use the DLL method.

    Awesome job,

  19. Mario Says:

    Thanx a lot. The reg file actually worked. Im so doing the happydance !

    Kudos !

  20. Zeljko Says:

    IT WORKS. Thank you very much. Many greetings from SERBIA!

  21. bryan nguyen Says:

    I love you mannnn!!!! thanks for the trick

  22. amun Says:

    i was unable to extract registry.rar, i dnt have winrar pls help me out wth winrar and hw to go for crackin it.

  23. DJ Ashish Says:

    download wirrar to extrat the file

  24. Sileesh Says:

    Hi thanks budd its a nice think

  25. DJ Ashish Says:

    i only think
    “human knowlege belogs to the world”
    u will also share wat u think z cool n
    help other from wasting time on site’s.!

  26. ayush Says:

    i installed the reg file , wmp 11 installed alright , but upon restart , the comp. said that windows coukd not be activated ( or something like it) . error code 0*800..(something ) . what should i do ?

  27. honeytech Says:

    yes it z,,
    d use of activation z 4 installing windows updates which z so by every time u use dis hack..

  28. vezzy Says:

    WOW man. Nice work ! works so damn great. thanks a bunch

  29. Bhaizone Says:

    You are the MAN……this thing is SEXY

  30. sidk Says:

    great stuff!!!!! it works :) you guys deserve all the credits & billy gay oopd “gates” deserves to be cheated.

    thanks again.

  31. pfffnotagain Says:

    the dll thing works great *thumbs up*

  32. moc226 Says:


    finally i found a site that’s for real
    I thought at first this would be a reverse-sting operation that was set up to harvest more ill-eagle users.
    But this really worked
    I need to find more site like this (since i’m a newbie) please help?

    just startin’ out

  33. moc226 Says:

    i missed sorry address is


    “just startin’ out@hotmail .com”

  34. fucking Says:

    brilliant. thanks.

  35. Larry Says:

    This is not working, when I click setup it pops the dumb validation thing up.

  36. MightyMo Says:


  37. lawrence Says:

    You are really good, it works like magic and am ever greatful to you, thanks.

  38. dhruv Says:

    Hey will that reg file change the registry Plz answer fast.

  39. bill gates Says:

    your methods we’re spot on, it took me less than 5 minutes to apply what you said to do, where as i found many other sites just had poor expainations of what they were aiming for, and many did’t actually work. Cheers.

  40. G.W.Bush Says:

    Thanks, it works perfectly !!!

  41. windowsxp Says:

    awesome! great work done there!

  42. kIrA` Says:

    welcome to the era when
    ‘all computer users’ OWNS microsoft!

  43. Nick Says:

    Thanks, worked well for me.

  44. Ender Says:

    So i tryed LegitLibM.dll over and over from other sites and i heard about the registry but could not find a site with it. so when i got it from you it worked perfectly!

    Thank you beyong belief, I have been trying for days and now it works!

  45. honeytech Says:

    1 thng u all can do 4 me z just let ur fnds knw with me..!!!
    so dat i can make more n more fnds..!!

  46. F3RN4ND0 Says:

    Thank you so much, it worked!!!

  47. Kevin Says:

    thank you tahank you so much!

  48. charlie Says:

    Thank you! now I can progress to better things.

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  50. honeytech Says:

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  51. Joker8ball Says:

    Can some one help me, i cant find the LegitLibM.dll.rar any where to download. Can someone post some new links or summin, i am from UK and my media player in German and saying some strange stuff to me

  52. Jamie Says:

    hey , i already had wmp 11 on my computer , the one which microsoft claims is non genuine (whihc it is , even has the authenticity sticker , they made the cock up when i upgraded from XP SP1 to SP2 but aint accepting no blame) my automatic updates installed something last night , but it never said anything about me having to revalidate windows media player , i went to use it today and its giving it all this bullcrape about validating and that im not using genuine windows (WHICH I AM!!).

    is there a hack to overwrite the new windows media player security update as of 17th December.

    Thank You

  53. Jamie Says:

    oo never mind the reg file did it for me , i wonder if this works on other updates and programs like windows antispy ?

  54. ayush Says:

    how can i remove the reg file using regedit ? the xp refuses to start , i can start 98 , though .

  55. Jordan . M Says:

    Will this mess up my system if i do anything wrong

  56. honeytech Says:

    unless u follow the step..
    jus install the reg file then install the wmp -11
    it’s easy,,!!

  57. Snooze77777 Says:

    Reg file is elegant in it’s simplicity! Kudos! Simple is always best.

  58. james Says:

    great stuff man thanks

  59. charlie Says:

    Sweet, I didn’t know you could extract intaller packages, which is what I did with the dll file. Thanx a lot.

  60. Steven Says:

    Thanks works great

  61. Prateek Says:

    hey Thats a great job to do thanks….

    U are genius…

  62. p34nuTT Says:

    u dont even need to do that , just extract wmp11.exe and run it that auto bypasses the checks :)

  63. Happy New year Says:

    Wanted to thank you for the post and also with you a happy new year. I am trying to get more involved with some projects online but darn work keeps getting in the way hahaha. Happy New year!

  64. Adam Says:

    Nice! I like it.

  65. Rob Says:

    reg hack disables updates from microsoft just keep getting error when doing windows update and windows defender update, anybody know how to remove it from registry?

  66. tasaddar Says:

    thanks a lot dude

  67. Ardit Says:

    thank u man

  68. urock Says:

    u really rock man…

  69. manoj Says:

    the material written here is fine but what is the need for all this? just make sure that you have turned your windows update disabled and go to or EXPRESS or CUSTOM installation)and enjoy the free updates and keep your machine upto date. remember that this whole process is undergone by windows update disabled application. the whole process will never ask for WGA. feel free to ask more for this process.

  70. wiki Says:

    pls give the serial no of spyware dotor 4.0.21

  71. Zune Says:

    I got this zune download that is a blast. i am glad microsoft is catching up. I know they get a lot of flack but i like them

  72. chaitnay Says:

    please validate my windows xp sp-2

  73. henri Says:

    the “LegitLibM.dll” is not downloadable anymore ….

  74. honeytech Says:

    i make the new link now all is ok..
    legitlib.rar is again downloadable

  75. Tom Says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The WMP 11 validation tool is a pain to get around, but this solved it with ease! Much appreciated!

  76. Toan Says:

    omg dude it actually work..i been sitting here searching sites for hours and nuthing work until i followed ur first step it much easier..oh man THANK YOU ! ur a genius !!!!!!!

  77. honeytech Says:

    your welcome
    i’m not genius but i like the fun it have,,

    help me spreading the blog with with ur friends..

    alway’s here 4 your help…!!!

  78. stu Says:

    i have spent days looking for a way to bypass this validation. got countless virus’ in the mean time. added the registry from the start and hey presto. magic. thanx very much

  79. sherong Subba Says:

    Thanks bro.wmp11 has installed………..hehehhehehhe huhuhu microsoft

  80. goutham pilla Says:

    hi thanx alottttttttttt

  81. Tommyboy Says:

    Well done. That was a piece of cake. Cheers!

  82. honeytech Says:

    your welcome brother
    thanx 4 your support guy’s…!!

  83. sherong Subba Says:

    i am update thanks alot

  84. witboy Says:

    Works fine. Thanks alot

  85. =\ Says:

    i keep getting “access is denied” can anyone help me out? =(

  86. honeytech Says:

    “acces is denied” because u r not login as admin account or your accont is limted that doent hv admin privledge to install or run regisrtry file..
    mind frist login as admin then install registry file after that install your setup of wmp-11 or ie7…

  87. =\ Says:

    i only have one account on the computer

  88. From Romania Says:

    I had WMP 11 installed automaticaly through updates (my father clicked the next button) so I found myself with a brocken WMP (requaering validation), but after I copied the .dll file over the exiswting one everything worked fine! thx.

  89. fakerz Says:

    hey man u did a g8 job…..
    keep doin this g8
    thanx a ton..

  90. Navjot Singh Says:

    Download latest WMP 11 with activation crack included. This version was released Jan 15, 2007!

    Just merge the reg file before installation.

  91. Bo Li Says:


    I double clicked the reg file and it changed the registry, then I started to install, but found out Ididn’t have spk2.

    I decided to leave sp2 to download for another day

    today when i opend my computer, at the log on screen, when you choose a user, it gives the error

    something is stopping from validating this product or something, it was a windows error. I CAN”T USE MY COMPUTER NOW!
    HELP!!! please

    email is li.laruku[at]gmail[dot]com! PLEASE HELP!!!

  92. honeytech Says:

    i didn’t get your problem but
    either u off your validation or any program which is causing this.
    try it after restoring the system to back date
    >>go to start program > accessories >system utilities >restore

    plz reply with detaied info about ur problem.

  93. honeytech Says:

    if possible try to re install xp sp2
    coz it seems that ur previous installation was corrupted.

  94. sadiya Says:


  95. honeytech Says:

    simply if u don’t wanna pain just install registry file
    after installing proceed on Ie7 installation simple..!!!

    it will validate from web automaticaly..!!

    feel free to bother me if you still have any problem..!!!

  96. Velmert Says:

    Installing the registry file didn’t work for me. Please advise.

  97. Velmert Says:

    I got it working now. I rebooted because of something else and that’s why it didn’t work at first. Great stuff.

  98. honeytech Says:

    thanx brother.>!!

  99. daredude Says:

    thanks dude really thanx a lot

    superb post

  100. honeytech Says:

    your all welcome friends
    thanx 4 all your support..
    plz help me in spreading the blog amoung
    your other student friends……
    if you have some new hack’s or else stuff feel free to bother
    me i will post it with refence to your names…!!


  101. keepnudown Says:

    You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. honeytech Says:

    thanx for comments brother
    it all your support that that inspiring me to post best
    i’m working hard to find some new one
    just help me in spreading the knowledge amoung other’s
    as i think
    human knowledge belogs to the word

    what you think friend..??

  103. BigMic Says:

    Hey Tech, luvin the hook ups, I will spread the knowledge as requested…what can you do about cracking vista. Thanks

  104. honeytech Says:

    thanx “BIGMIC”…
    for vista i’m working and asap post if i found any working
    coz i don’t like cheap haux..!!
    i think u get what i wanna say..!!

  105. BigMic Says:

    I do…keep doing what you do and thanx again

  106. kusa Says:

    Great hack. I wud like 2 giv u a big thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  107. manju Says:

    Simply Superb ;)

  108. arts Says:

    please try this software (included simple manual). with this software you can download everything from microsoft website without WGA checking.

  109. alok Says:

    thank u very much i got internet explorer7 but i dind get media player 11 plz help

  110. digitalpixel01 Says:

    u can just download the file above and apply the registry

  111. BigMic Says:


  112. Ruben Says:

    Thank you very much.

  113. joennah Says:


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  115. chinnu Says:

    Still not able to install WMP11.need detailed help about how to insert previous registery file into windows registery.
    waiting for someone’s reply.mail

  116. rapman Says:

    hey guys here is an active one it is active till 15/4/2007:


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  118. honeytech Says:

    hey guy’s than again 4 ur responces..!
    this is ur views that make me improve my blog….!!

  119. honeytech Says:

    one thing more plz don’t spam in my blog ..
    rather it will be deleted..!!
    plz be constructive n help others.!!

  120. ludhiana Says:

    Did not work for me. Please tell me if you have another one.

  121. nathan Says:

    this thing doesn’t work. legitlibm is in folder but setup still wont continue. please help me!!!!!!!!

  122. blaze Says:

    Thank you. This works pefectly.

  123. andrew Says:

    ur prog very cool

  124. honeytech Says:

    now as blog is suspended secnd time,So i hv to remove this post..
    i think u may understand my problem’s of some ligality acts.
    Soon i will swict to my prof domain.
    Need’s your supports..!!

  125. FORD Says:


  126. Spyware Says:

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  128. honeytech Says:

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  129. jeremy Says:


    extract wmp11 files, then look for the file wmp11 double click on it, when it installs it will atomatically restart.

    when it restart start wmp, it should give an error—- You now go to add and remove in your control panel, REMOVE WMP11, it will say it needs to rollback, let it rollback.

    NOW START WMP11 PLZ tEll or show all ur friends how TO DO IT!


  130. hezz sao Says:

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    Make your windows xp genuine from here. Convert your non-genuine window into genuine window.Download all Windows and Office updates from microsoft website and many more…

    just open it and follow steps in it..

    After that you can:
    Download all Windows and Office updates from microsoft website.
    Play all the media with “Windows Media Player 11″
    Surf the web with “Internet Explorer 7″
    and much more……………….!

    !!!!….just enjoy…….!!!

  131. Thorsten Engel Says:

    Wow i was looking for the lyrics to la coupe de boule because i loved it when i heard it and i wanted to know what it meant so thanks! Your translation is awesome :)

  132. Chris Says:

    I keep getting an ‘access denied’ when I run the update.exe

    I only have one account in my PC no other account, can anyone help please?

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